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Oh okay cool 😊 Like it there? Never been to that area. Well as you’ve read, I am orginally from Greece but I have lived around Sussex alot but I have stayed in alot of places around England, south east london was one of my favourite places to live though but back in Sussex for the time being! Ah yes, alot of people i know had to desensitize themselves to these sort of veiws, images, videos ect but I have never been squeamish, my aunty always recalls me begging to come into the room with her to watch her massive burn blisters emptied when I was the age of 3, so I have always been quite morbid minded to be honest. Yesssss that’s it I don’t trust myself to go on the deep web as i know I would fuck up somehow, I’m an incredibly unlucky person and i would probably end up on one of the article’s on this site haha! See I don’t have any favourite article’s, just favourite categories like, torture,suicides,executions and autopsies ect 😊. Fascinated as to what the human body can go through! Any favourite categories that intrigue you the most?