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Wow sounds like you have been on some adventures, Awh well I would love to hear some stories of your travels! Hoping to do it myself one day 😊. Yes i know exactly what you mean, We hear all the stories about the depravity that takes place in the world but it’s another thing seeing it with your own eyes. When I look through some of the article’s I sometimes think to myself ” That can’t be real can it?!” But alas it’s real and happening everyday. Haha yes well my mum has always said ” you’ve gotta laugh about it or you’ll cry” lol I never obviously took that for truly what it was but yes it does mean what is says if we don’t laugh or makes jokes to cope.. we wouldn’t be coping. Well yes it would be quite fun to be the dead poster girl for BG butttt I will pass haha. Yeah London is a crazy place with crazy people but I embrace that crazy 😂😂 Been around it all my life unfortunately! So other than gore, what else do you like to do? 😊