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Suzi Pethtal

Thanks Clarity! Now let’s hope the Testosterone Infused Men are nor quite as “Dead” as many of the people in the posts we read about are!
I felt slightly intimidated to respond at first, except I see so few women on here,that helped to brave the waters!
This site reminds of a few fundamental core values and beliefs I’d kind of been ignoring lately.
How really good it can be to be alive!
That my old fashioned values are not that far off the beatened path as I thought.
Your never too old to feel something.
And its a damn nice thing to be a woman! (This last realization comes from the abundance of men on here who have such a poetic way with verse!)
It’s nice to meet you! This is a place I find myself drawn to, but not one I necessarily enjoy being alone around. I guess the extreme dark matter of the human consciousness scares the crap out of me. And at the same time it’s good to know something’s still move me. (My husbands recent death has left me cold and bitter about many things in life.)
Anytime I start feeling ungrateful for outliving him, I can just jump in here and remember I could suffer a lot worse! And that even in the midst of ugliness and brutal Truth, there is always something good left in life!