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@deathbyduck87 I apologize for belated response. I greatly enjoy this conversation with you, but I’m faced with some challenges regarding internet access which I have only limited, and when I’m able to get it, I make the most of it by publishing gore posts on the front end.

In my opinion, it’s unfair for you to blame yourself for falling for feminism. I fell for it too. Everybody did, because we’ve been indoctrinated with it for decades. And the indoctrination campaigns are well tailored, carefully prepared by experts on propaganda to achieve desired results. It’s a long process to escape the mind fuck and most people can’t do it. Having fallen for it is nothing to be ashamed of. Having realized you fell for it, and starting to take steps to free yourself from the binds is something to be proud of.

As you know, I too was targeted by the crooked justice system much like you, but even though it didn’t happen to me directly because of a woman, it was life stories like yours that made me realize how anti male the society is, and that the only way to avoid getting screwed like that would be by going MGTOW.

It started for me many years ago, only back then I didn’t know exactly why I was doing it, nor that there is a name for it. I simply decided that I will not allow myself to be manipulated by women anymore, and started doing things the opposite way any normal man would. So for example, every time I pass by a woman, even if she’s wearing super short skirt and deep cleavage, I deny her any looks. In my peripheral vision I notice that she looks at me puzzled, even pissed off or insecure. I could hear her thinking – I put on this skimpy dress, dyed my hair red, and walk in high heels so your eyes are glued on me, and so in turn I can refer to you as a pervert for fawning over them, and still you deny me attention and validation? All in all, a dressed up woman is just advertising for her prostitution business.

Or if I walk into a room with a pretty woman, or find myself in any kind of setting where I have to choose where to sit. Normally, as a man, if there was an option to sit next to an attractive woman, that’s the option I would choose, but since my awakening, I always ensured I wouldn’t even make eye contact with said woman, let alone sit next to her, once again completely stripping her of the means to label me because I played the rigged game.

Or if a woman invites me to whatever – I decline. If I’m in a gym, I avoid using equipment next to one used by a woman. Still, I don’t treat women like shit. I just don’t pay any attention to them, and don’t flirt or compliment. Total indifference.

Basically, I’ve been subtly broadcasting the message to women that I didn’t need them, won’t be catering to them, and won’t play the game in which I am the automatic loser because of my gender. I was saying you don’t exist to me, and thanks to that, you can’t fuck me over. You can’t exploit me. But I did it with with indifference, not malice.

My life got awesome very quickly – I could tell from my peripheral vision that all these women were like – what the fuck is he doing? He should be staring at me so I can act like he’s a pervert for checking me out, but he’s not. That guy is seriously pissing me off.

Again, this was before I even knew there was such thing as MGTOW. I simply took away all the advantages the society arbitrarily gave to women for being women, by refusing to play the rigged game. The moment I stopped defining my worth by the presence of a female was the moment I regained empowerment, self worth and confidence. No longer sabotaged by the feminist lie.

It was only recently that I discovered MGTOW, and it didn’t surprise me that it’s the strongest in Canada, because I’ve been around the world and can confidently state that Canadian women are the worst and most privileged in the world. Had I not lived in Canada, I probably would not have gone MGTOW. All it takes is a few days in the environment poisoned against men, and it gets you.

Before my arrest, I traveled extensively. I only spent at most a few weeks a year in Canada then. But those few weeks were enough to make me become MGTOW without knowing it. Then when I got arrested, it forced me to stay in Canada 24/7 for over 3 years, and my persuasion that MGTOW is the only way to be became unshakable.

Being away from Canada, which has been 2 months now, has been truly liberating in terms of being around women that are not naturally entitled brats. I found that gynocentrism only flourishes under the abundance which men have accumulated. Women won’t turn to feminism where such abundance lacks.

But even now that I’m out of Canada, I’m still not playing the game, because as soon as you start, you become the beggar and she decides if she gives you a measly left over bread for being a good slave. By not playing the game, they can’t make me their slave. They have no control over me and that’s amazing. In particular the feeling of self worth for not being the fucking beggar all the time. But the fact that I can save the money I have for what I enjoy, instead of wasting it all on women for a remote chance that she’d allow me to get near her pussy is nothing to worry about either.

Hookers – fuck yeah. With hookers, you enter a business relationship so if she doesn’t deliver, you are not bound to pay full price. Whereas in the rigged dating game, she almost never delivers, you always overpay, and never have any say in what goods you receive, as you will always be the “pussy beggar”.

Pussy orbiting is a surefire way to crushed dreams and ruined life. I would say this to every man out there – break the pussy chain from holding you back, and do the math on your time and money for hookers (or jerking off) vs. chasing women.