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Thanks man, i guess i failed to mention i was 2months pregnant with my son when this all happened. If i would’ve had a gun i wouldnt have thought twice before i had a bullet through each of their fuckin skulls.& because i went through that im now prepared for it to ever happen again. But honestly i had to leave georgia because of it and come back to my hometown in florida because i kept seeing a black man, that resembled one that beat my bf , in the gas station and stuff like he was still watching me. He would look at me the same crazy way and once i saw him he pointed at his eyes and then me. I had a panic attack and went to police but they still never did a damn thing. I was having nightmares and panic attacks daily living in fear of if they would ever find me because i knew they were still free to fuckin roam. you can say that im being racist but its honestly involuntary because of my experience. Its almost like a fear of them. But nah i only had some weed which they didnt even find. once i upload the picture it’ll really top the story off.