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This does not help women in any way. It’s human nature to automatically have a resentment towards anybody pushed into your workplace just for the sake of a quota or “equality.” What these two propose actually creates a deeper divide between genders and makes women look weak.
Of course, it will anger men if they have a female teammate who was placed there solely based on gender. At this point, even if she were an excellent worker, the damage has already been done and she’ll likely never be taken seriously. Had she worked from the ground up without assistance from a quota system, she could probably mix in as “just one of the guys” and be an asset to the team as much as the other members.
I do get aggravated a lot when women are put down simply for being women but that doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to something a man might say or do. These women are insulting women just as much as someone trying to discredit women because they are essentially saying that women can’t do it alone and therefore, they’ll give them an unfair advantage. That weakens women, the industry and society as a whole.