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@deathbyduck87 im gonna be completely honest and let you know reading that brought tears to my eyes. Im so sorry. That truly is unfortunate, especially to continue feeling pain to this day because of it. Im glad you survived for one, and that you showed those doctors you can do whatever the hell you want even when they say you cant lol. But i appreciate the genuine honesty in your story. Anybody else would’ve left out that they were drinking and claim that they never drink while driving. I hate that people feel they need to put on a facade and pretend that theyre perfect in every way. Everyone makes mistakes sometime im just glad that your okay or else i wouldve never been able to talk to you! You may not have very good luck but your woman sure does for finding you. My bf is good to me and all but sometimes i feel like he gets tired of listening to me lol. So i feel i owe you a huge thank you for bringing me out of a dark place ive been stuck in for a little while now. Im struggling a little to stay happy, but whenever i talk to you i feel relieved; i hope you dont think im weird. Thanks so much again for being a good friend and taking the time to talk to me. Ill always be here when you need me.