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Oh. My. God. How did I miss this thread before? That has to be the most arrogant narcissist ever. I would say borderline sociopath with such an unapologetic, hurtful post. This is the kind of person I want to slap. She said every woman secretly feels this way. That is NOT true. I had crushes on quite a few chubby guys and dated a guy who was 5’5″ – shorter than me. I definitely really liked them. She has no right to say I was secretly creeped out by them. And this was my “prime” around 23 – 25. I’ve never been a beauty queen but I had a nice body and pretty hair lol. I was probably better looking than the short guy but I didn’t think about it. My husband is chubby. I don’t care. I don’t even see it unless something reminds me, such as this post. All I can say about her post is that it is absolute bullshit. She can stfu speaking for all women.