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Empty soul

Obama is just a useful idiot. A coconut if you will, black on the outside white on the inside, designed to get both the negro and white liberal vote which I might add he accomplished quite well.

On that point, If the severely retarded George “double-yah” Bush didn’t convince the voting population that the President is just a puppet then President ‘O’ Bummer should have.

He promised an end to war(and won a peace prize for it) and that black people would rise under him and yet did the complete opposite all throughout his entire reign.

Not only does this shit-skin leave power after accomplishing nothing I also foresee this self-loathing jig divorcing his ape wife and getting it on with a trophy white(almost guaranteed to be blond) woman once he his out on his black ass. Such is life for the stereotypical nigger.

The end point is that people shouldn’t expect their “representatives” to act for their best interests, they use you to gain power that is all. The whole argument then is to hold them accountable for their words which is why we must promote those who stay true to their words whilst destroying those who don’t. This way we encourage action rather than words which is always a good thing.