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Mark, it’s going to be interesting to see what Trump stirs up between China, its wayward offspring, and the US when he reaches the White House.

Beijing doesn’t seem particularly enamoured by his in flagrante delicto communication with Tsai Ing-wen; it’s put their backs up on the ‘One China’ mantra.

All those new and militarised islands in the South China Sea, territorial disputes and the potential for some military ‘my dick is bigger than yours’, add in some Chinese fly-bys akin to the Russians on US ships in April this year, and there is the potential for a bit of a bun fight.

I think 2017 is going to be far worse than this year.

I think my proposed Vietnam trip may transmute into a Far Eastern extravaganza; I’m keen to get to Cambodia and South Korea, as well. DPRK is, also, a possibility; I have a cunning plan for that trip, via Beijing, in the future.

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