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There’s a lot of single mothers who will not allow the father of their kids to see the kids. These women tend to raise the most f’d up humans. I’ve seen many examples of these mothers raising daughters who have children early in life then prevent the children from having a relationship with the fathers and like to make it seem like the mothers themselves are the victims when they are victimizing their own children and fathers of the children, on a good note though I know two men who actually took full custody away from the moms! I was like hell yes I love to see a dad fight for his kids!!! Why keep you child from a loving parent regardless of the sex of that parent? As long as the child is in a safe environment and is being cared for(fed, clothed, roof over head) why prevent them from all the extra love they could have just because you personally don’t like your ex. Think about your kids people! Put their needs above your own even if you have to be uncomfortable around your ex if the kid is happy fake it for their sake