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@isrealkeyes I am not sure, but I strongly suspect that in your answer you are referring to my comment, as it was the only one besides plaster’s by the time you posted it. If it’s not, I apologize and you shouldn’t read it. But if it is I have to intervene as you’re distorting my words. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I’ve realized now that I inverted what I think should happen in 7a and 7b in my answer. The outcome for 7a I said as being that for 7b and vice-versa, that is, she should be killed if she murdered the guy. I guess that when I wrote ”(as a man who raped and killed a woman in a similar scenario also should be)’’ it should be clear what I meant. So if you’re talking that I advocate the death penalty for her raping the guy, you’re wrong. I said she should be killed only for the murder of the guy.
Also, you’ve said ”but never seen where someone posted that the murderer of those victims shown on videos deserve it’’. Clearly you haven’t fucking read my comments, as I make very few jokes, if any (I can remember me just using sarcasm at times, but not joking about any post, and if I did, it was maybe just once or twice), treat the posts seriously and try to make relevant comments. So stop spreading shit and distorting what I say. I don’t need one more entitled cock teaser here distorting my fucking words. So shut your big mouth, weather if your brain is not capable of processing things right or if you’re trying to distort what I say for your selfish stupid benefit, you hybristophiliac degenerate (I took a look at your profile as I don’t remember seeing you here, and the name of it). Moreover, I have said time and again that many of the murderers we see on the videos deserve death penalty…