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So that’s what you have to say to me. That’s your argument, to list your sexual fantasies to me. It only proves that what I said is right, that you are a degenerate who doesn’t bother to read, process and logically retort my opinions, and by the looks of it, despite being no retard, doesn’t also have some of the mental capabilities to do it. The only thing you’re worried with is satisfying your perverted sexual fantasies, as we’ve seen and as you’ve plainly stated in your comments. You don’t separate what were supposedly your arguments from your perversions. You’re willing to fabricate facts and distort other people’s arguments to such an end. It just strengthens what I said to you in my first comment. Moreover, each and every phrase in your comment is a reflection of your sick mind, your abundant use of dirty words and insults, disregard for proper writing etc. Logical arguments trying to prove that I was wrong about the death penalty or anything I said, or even recognizing you told me shit and distorted my comments, nowhere to be seen. To finish off, if you’re here for your personal gratification, stick to the plan and go to the chill out zone or wherever, instead of going to the societally relevant topic and starting serious arguments and distorting what other people say.