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I used the song to be direct, for it just expresses what I have seen and read over the subject. Of girls that say no but after a while give the most passionate kiss. If you want a better source, there’s a scientific explanation for this that I read by Havelock Ellis, that modesty (as is also physical struggle) is part of the process of courtship. The song just illustrates it in terms that are simpler, as you seem not to always understand when I use a more complex explanation…
But OK, I understand that there are women who really don’t want to be bothered, but words are not always enough to tell. So while at times they are clear, sometimes it can be pretty difficult to read women (and I can tell you that the uniform of a whore send s the message: I am available). Granted, there are men who are pretty insistent and bothersome (as there are men who are sick in their minds too, I hope that I made it clear to you that I recognize this fact), but I can say that insistence pays off at times. And not only for women, heck, it’s often difficult to read other men too, and I am not only talking about a sexual context here (it’s important to consider also that people can be in a state of doubt). Anyway, laws set in stone cannot account for the intricacies of personal interactions, and while you can classify a type of interaction into a category to have a base parameter, still, every case has its peculiarities.
And it doesn’t matter that the song was written 40, or that Ellis wrote his books more than 100 years ago, as these go deep into the human nature, and that hasn’t changed significantly in the meantime…