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You’re exhausting. I have no idea if you are sincerely defending your position (which has been made so unclear by now, it’s ridiculous) or just determined to continue arguing.

You’re describing things leading up to rape or sex because at that point, it’s not clear. You’re describing when people are engaged in making out and women “give in.” That’s not rape. Do you know what rape is? Only feminists call unwanted advances rape. It’s when the advances don’t stop that matters.

My point will remain the same over and over, if you force yourself on someone – not persistence, insistence, being pushy – if you force your dick in her, if she is dressed like a nun or a stripper – it’s underserved rape in both cases.

The perfect example of what I mean is the rape scene in the movie “The Accused.” It actually describes exactly what I’m talking about. Jodie Foster is doing EVERYTHING you consider a cock teaser’s behavior. But the actual rape shows her clearly fighting with everything she has to stop it; verbally and physically. You know, about 100 comments ago, I should’ve said that the bar scene in “The Accused” is a the perfect depiction of what I call wrong, a crime and killswitch on “she was asking for it.”