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It seems that you cannot distinguish between shades of gray, only between black and white. What I mean is that, yes, it was a rape scene, I agree with that. But this is not the worst rape case scenario imaginable, but it’s a complicated scene, nevertheless, specially because it was a gang rape. I am not going to put all the blame on her, but she has a significant responsibility for what happened, while, the guys are still much to blame. But OK, she was playing pinball, perhaps overtly happy. The other girl realized that she was enticing the other guys with her movements (whether they were intentional or not), but she dismissed the warning. Then, a guy clearly tried to make an advance, which she refused and he respected, that’s OK. Then, the other guy started to flirt with her and while not much receptive at the beginning, she seemed to be enjoying it as the dialogue progressed, so much so, that she started to make a very sexual dance for him, to cock tease him if you will. If she wasn’t interested she shouldn’t have done that. Even the other woman realized where it was leading to and went away. Nevertheless, in the middle of sexually ”thirsty men”, she starts to make an overt sexual dance (granted, her clothes were not really bad) signalling that she is available, cock teasing all men in the place (even though it was directed at the guy, but she was in a public place nonetheless, with all those men, and those aren’t the type of guys from whom you’d expect self-control), and is receptive when the guy joins in. By that time the guys were turned on, specially the one dancing with her. Then, at one point she reverses. Yes, the guy should/could have stopped, but she wasn’t really clear up until close before the act. The guy was wrong in doing that and perhaps above all not using a condom and so on, but what she had done to entice him, playing with fire if you will, diminishes the gravity of the case, in my opinion. He was in an altered state of mind which she had been the catalyst factor. For me the worst part is when it turns into a gang bang, for even her cock teasing dance was directed at one guy, despite she still having some responsibility(as she was a chicken in the middle of foxes flashing her juicy tasty looking body at them). Nonetheless, I find that the gang rape was mainly the guys’ fault. Still, after all, I don’t consider this case (or for a better term, enactment) as bad as a dark alley rape scenario. I don’t see everything as being either black or white, for I understand that each case has it’s peculiarities. It’d be the same as to say that serial killers, the likes of Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy are as bad as gang members who kill only other gang members but leave innocent people alone or that these are cases are like a father who’s killed someone who was raping his infant child and so on…