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Empty soul

I have just finished my first bottle of wine for tonight before moving on to the second and am getting somewhat desperate in my attempts to alleviate the boredom therefore I too shall enter this argument despite my misgivings about being able to penetrate this back and forth madness.

From what I could glean from the above undergroundweller emphasises human nature as his point of contention and therefore places the point of focus on whatever it was that stimulated that innate behaviour. He further argues that rape is most definitely black and white when no such stimulation took place(I.e. no cock teasing occurred) but becomes somewhat blurred and even undeserving of sympathy when cock teasing behaviour(revealing clothing, flirty behaviour etc) is perceived to have taken place.

dethbyplaster on the other hand emphasises societal rules and norms as her point of contention and therefore places the point of focus on equality and legal rights in general. She further argues that sexual activity must always be consensual regardless of any actual(or perceived) consent that had, or is perceived to have, taken place previously.

My conclusion, dethbyplaster is right in that women have the legal right to dress how they want and even flirt without having to spread their legs at the end of the day because no one is legally entitled to sex after all. However, it is also true that certain behaviour does indeed bring more attention to oneself and therefore those who do not give a shit about rules and laws(criminal scum) and those too drunk to care otherwise will gravitate towards those that standout(or appear willing) making such people more at risk of attack.

Legally speaking then dethbyplaster is right but undergroundweller is also right in his understanding of the innate nature of the human being that exists outside of that societal framework. I guess the end game scenario then will always be that those who obey the rules and laws will follow them and treat women in kind and those who do not will attack and rape them.

There is a duality to be understood then because despite the many good people that exists there will always be those who will attack and rape you regardless of the rules and laws of your society and the odds of you being a victim to that number do indeed increase the more you standout.

How one approaches the risks of these odds then is up to each individual, nevertheless whatever happens is addressable via the rules and laws of the society in question.