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I thought about it too. Supposedly the Rockefeller Foundation discovered the virus in Uganda, which is a factor of suspicion. Now, if it’s true population control or if the disease just spread in an unintentional way I don’t know for sure, as this would be done in utmost secrecy, but you can easily see how it could be the case. The main targets of the virus are hot regions, and places that are poor. Like, here in Brazil most of the affected are poor (although some middle class people have been struck by the disease), and the region most affected is the Northeast of the country, which is the poorest region and where birth rates have been higher than in the South and Southeast of the country in the past several decades, if not throughout the whole past century.
You can see how a retard would keep the mother busy most of the time, and it would make her possibly avoid having more children. This can also be combined with the fear factor, which would put people off of having children.
I am not that much against population control measures for these people, as the high birth rates in the Northeast created many problems, such as the migration of people that came to the Southeast of the country and overcrowded big cities and many were not integrated successfully into the economy, but I’ve got to say that the random nature of the method, if it is being purposefully done, is a little bit disturbing, although it’s not something that can be done in the open. Nevertheless, one needs only to look at the mass immigration of Africans into Europe as to be suspicious that while population control is in place as to reduce numbers, there may be more of a sort of disgenics than eugenics taking place at the moment, as to reduce the genetic quality of the population. That is, I suspect that the goals are to reduce numbers while also reducing the genetic quality of the population, with the exception of the elite which gets to keep reproducing at normal rates, with 3 children on average. You can see how in this way the elite would have low IQ minions at their disposal. Again, that’s just speculation.