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And now they want to advance women’s position in qualified high tech jobs through public policy, yet advancing their position in low paying high risk jobs, such as the construction business and forestry, or as front line soldiers, forget about it. Now, I understand that the advancement of women into the market place can reduce birth rates, even though I am very skeptical of this method, as I know of women who don’t have a job and stay at home and yet have only one child (and there could be a one child policy too, just as in China, if that was the intention). Naturally there’s probably the fact that more women in the workforce means a greater supply of workers, which means a higher salary for women. There could be also the push for the destruction of the family unit, as a strategy of divide and conquer. The fact that there are more men on high tech jobs and engineering is just natural as men tend to be specially apt for these positions. The only reason to advance women more now into these professions would be as to make women richer than men on average, so that it would diminish even more population growth, because as women are naturally wired to seek men who have high status and wealth, by making men poorer this would mess everything up. I doubt that at the very top, the elite are happy that their women work. Just look at Trump, for instance, his wife was a model but after she got married she stays at home. Looking at other big banking families the same thing seems to hold ground, even though it seems that even some of them get corrupted by the madness that is going on.