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Freestyle raw –respect to IsraelCunt!!!

So listen – That’s the way we split it and hit it
Wound to the chest and he still gonna spit it
IsCunt coming loud, proud, vicious
Back up if you the shit’s fictitious

Cuz those AKs are spraying, Prayer rugs out for praying
Does your wooden idol hear what you’re saying?
When you take a round to the chest
And they lay your ass to rest
Stop blaming tin gods for this manmade mess
There’s a pop and the shit sounds near
Fly by, drive by take a chunk from your from your ear

And you might sitting in a plush pad, thinking “it aint me”
Use your fingers to hit B-E-S-T-G-O-R-E

It might be you, death knocks on every door
You ain’t gotta be in Brazil to taste a fuckin war
You don’t have to be in a cartel to hit the ice cold floor
Praise who you praise for the roof over your head
Raise your hands to sky and be glad you’re not dead
Breathe deep that you’ve never run from lead
And listen to the shit IsCunt and I said