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@empty-soul I believe hate and fear are are the byproducts of dead hope. Then again, I think most negative things are fear-driven. I believe in true anger and hate. But I venture most “hate” is fear-based. I notice people hate things that they cannot have – be it a person, material wealth, looks etc. I think a good portion of angry feminists as well as angry MGTOWs are just people who were turned down too many times, got scared and got mad as hell.I think it’s a gender less thing.
You are right that “hard to get” is better but what a fine line. If a guy was rude to me (when I was single) as opposed to aloof, I lost interest right away. And it takes so little to say the wrong thing to a women. I would hate being a man. I’ve been known to have a good conversation and then one tiny thing just turns me off. It’s not a sense of entitlement but I can’t help something turning me off. I have a “forget it” list with some shallow things but very fair: If a guy is involved with crime, is a drug addict – no way. That’s fair. It’s that little stuff that varies so greatly.
I know women get a lot of flack for being stupid and not as smart as men but we’re complex – not simple. Men are simple (not in a reflection of their intelligence) but they are goal-oriented and see this as puzzles. Women are more about the journey rather than the destination. I think same goes for how men and women pursue sex. It seems the puzzle men can’t figure out how to open is women. Men and women are not very complimentary as mates; yet we’ve evolved too much to just have primal relations. So we try to make it work but as we know, relationships don’t work very well.