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GDPR Harvester

Execute her in Cheer Girl.
Hands, feet, torso are fixed. A large shaped breast is exposed but she can not hide it.
She has a look that is scared of fear. He was begging to have a lovely voice.

I suddenly gave her a current of 20000000 V. Her body was severely convulsing, raising a frog like a frog.

I kept giving an electric shock to her body for about 2 minutes, but my facial expression remained relaxed. Only convulsions were followed.
When I stopped the electric shock, there was a smell of burning meat from her. The skin with white whites was discolored in reddish black. Her eyeball was also distorted and blood was blowing out. At that time, she gushed out the urine globally. Her dead body, which was dirty and disturbed, had no remnants of life.