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Empty soul

1.Scandinavia follows the EU model for the most part, which isn’t a good one. The exception being Norway because they have abundant natural resources on their doorstep hence why they chose to become a European Free Trade Association member rather than actually joining the EU and since they get to keep the Krone they are also safe from Euro devaluation thus making them a safe currency to invest in.

The Chinese economy is very similar to Japan’s just before the bubble burst. They have had rapid growth as a result of first world countries off shoring their industries there and have used their new found capital to heavily invest abroad(particularly in the housing markets)which will come back to hurt them when their economy inevitably slows down as first world countries look towards protectionism as a way of rebuilding their own failing economies and the housing stocks of which they bought into at high value lose half their worth.

Free market systems under strict regulations are indeed proven to work well. It’s just a shame however that the greedy, corrupt politicians of free market countries de-regulated their markets for a pocket full of gold. The EU itself loves to crow about how they protect via regulations but just one look at the legal tax avoidance schemes operating right underneath them and the legal means by which EU corporations exploit and make use of cheap labour from all around the world shows you that no such “protectionism” exists outside of the desire to protect corporate profiteering.

2. Political anxiety is not why North Korea refuses to join the rest of the world because the place is ruled like a religious cult. The ruling powers are therefore simply trying to maintain the status quo by any means possible. Economically speaking they are in a terrible state with constant electricity blackouts and famines and rely on China to help them out which China does because they do not want hungry and desperate North Koreans heading their way.

For any of the measures you suggest for North Korea to be possible they would first have to allow their population freedom of expression and creativity which their current model of governance would never allow because as soon as they remove the boot from their peoples throats and stop forcibly controlling them the North Koreans will all head south into South Korea and beyond because that is what human beings do, they always seek better places to live hence why Europe gets so many niggers risking life and limb to cross the Mediterranean to get to them and why half of Poland now lives outside of it.

3. You basically make the point that for Totalitarian states to succeed they must become what free market countries should be like rather than what they are actually like which goes back to my original post regarding the differences between them and what happens when one tries to transition to the other.

I think we can both agree that the perfect society would be a combination of both totalitarian and free market aspects in order to keep each other in check and ensure that the benefits get distributed fairly however we have also seen time and time again that human beings really don’t like sharing therefore human greed tends to win out in the end regardless of the social/political/economic model.