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Empty soul

To build upon point 2, North Korea was exactly the same as South Korea until Japan occupied them and thereafter America and Russia divided them based upon their own notions of power structuring.

North Korea therefore does not have a patriarchal society, nor do they have a socialist society, they instead have a top-down authoritarian society that adheres to birth right and political subservience.

As for point 3,

“localized planning and incentives (not necessarily private incentives for personal gain but that Ofc that is important) production through the value chain, matching supply and demand, is still run by the state rather not by free market forces, but by taking into account of more localized requirements in allocating budget for example“.

The above sounds very much like protectionist economic policies of which Donald Trump appears to promote but gets abused and shouted down on all of the time as well.

Truth be told, every country should be thinking of themselves(protectionism) whilst looking to maintain global connectivity and therefore trade on a equal footing(free marketism).

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