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Empty soul

I agree with you Mark that women do indeed tend to take the man for everything he’s got, what I am not sure of though is whether this is biology related(gender) or simple human greed helped along by a biased society and a heavily slanted justice system or perhaps even both.

Greed is not gender specific and the laws and regulations that govern divorce proceedings are not universal, they even differ between the religious groups that exist within the same country.

It seems to me then that some countries(first world mainly) have chosen to give women a loaded dice and like any gambler they tend to go all in when the odds of winning are seen to be sufficiently high.

From my own personal experiences I have found that we human beings don’t really give a shit about each other and instead merely use each other as a crutch for the most part. This way our needs get met and satisfied until we grow bored and tired of them and/or no longer require them.

It is no small wonder then why divorce proceedings tend to be equally self centred, cold and calculated when that is how we live our lives as standard anyway. I tend to veer towards the biased society and slanted justice system as being the main cause then.

The problem is though that outside of liberals and SJWs in general most men do not support such a biased and slanted system and yet such rules get passed into law regardless which begs the question, who is passing them and why?.

Since liberals and SJWs are not the majority within politics, business and law I can only assume that there is some other agenda being played out here. Perhaps a society heavily slanted towards women decreases the odds of uprisings taking place etc.