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@empty-soul I think women have a natural urge for security. And money is security. However, I think gold diggers are on a different level. They aren’t worried about their kids having food and clothes; they are worried about having the latest couture handbag and such.

I think laws were originally set up with the “regular” wife in mind. She’d need money for the children, she’s never worked etc. and wives of yesteryear didn’t really file for divorce unless there was a legitimate, serious reason. But now women work and make their own money in many marriages.They often file for divorce because they are just bored or don’t want to do the work to fix problems. But what’s fucked up is the divorce laws are still set as if every wife is that 1950s bride who actually needed financial help. That’s not fair but you won’t hear a feminist demanding equality in divorce court. In this area, I am not in support of a feminist agenda at all.