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I personally grew up in a pretty lax home situation as far as religion goes. Starting about two years ago,I definitely started to see virtue in the principles of religion not in the sense of seeking to get into heaven but under the pretense that many religions say that what we experience now in our lives is a live action, real time result of a system of action and reactions where all the negative that have we experience is directly or indirectly the result of past transgressions. Upon extensive self investigation of historical events, in short I came to see the world as pure evil and a place where we insatiably seek fulfillment in a that which is feeble and temporary when in reality all worldly thing are akin to a mirage of false allure. I incorporated the principle of repentance in my life so as to seek not to rise to a heaven but to mitigate that which I may be accountable for in this life and to seek to end the cycle of reincarnation into the relative hell that I am in and that every other human being finds themselves in. I feel that I found repeated approximate reiterations of the principle of ‘what you experience now is the work of your own hands in Bhakti Yoga, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and near death experience testimonies and figured that if the same message was repeated ‘ad nauseum’ in these ancient fountains of wisdom, then there must be some truth to it. In short, the common denominator of all these ancient wisdoms was that so long as our soul yearns and acts by way of worldly lusts that we will reap the sorrowful, turbulent life of the world and that only by renunciation of the world and by good works whereby a person seeks to enlighten people about the evil, deceptive empty nature of the world can one be pardoned of their past ‘sins’. The functional definition of sin in this context therefore is that which adheres a person to the world instead of that which leads you to ascension. No matter my waveringness at any given moment between being an actively ‘religious’ person or being more of a lay ‘practitioner’, this period of self discovery or what have you has definitely ingrained the concept of personal complicity of the soul in the events which happen to me.

Because I know that everybody is thinking about it in the back of their minds, the general position of Islam in relation to the way to act in the world is that there are forces at be that aim to deceive man into entanglement to worldly lusts and that seek to oppress man for the sake of worldly exploitation and that to strive against these forces and enlighten the world to no longer seek personal fulfillment in the fruits of the world but instead to work for the fruits of righteousness. It is believed that acting selflessly in this way is essentially like a personal sacrifice because it is a given that to act against the grain of the evil of worldliness and oppressive systems will inevitably lead to a persons prosecution but being that a true devotee to God has given up hope in the peace of the world, they are willing to make that commendable sacrifice and that is the essential principle of Jihad(the struggle for the cause of righteous) . It is thought that if this is done with the utmost humbleness of the soul, that it may bring about spiritual redemption from the inconceivable amount of past transgressions we have sowed. The KEY catch to this principle of self redemption in Islam is that there is no other life line of moral accountability for a person except for between themselves and God so if a person does an act under the false pretense of selfless devotion when in fact they harbor egotistical motives in there heart, that it is only their own soul that they are hurting. In this way Bhakti Yoga(a branch of hinduism), Islam, Jainism, and Christianity are very similiar