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The first 3 women I had the opportunity to have sex with I was too nervous to get hard.
I feel that no one in the world understands me and I feel like the people to people interactions are extremely superficial and fake.
When I was 8 I used to crossdress with my mom’s clothes and put on her lipstick and I liked it. Wierd right.
I smoke a lot of marijuana. Ideally I’d never want to let a single minute pass where I don’t have some THC in my system.
I used to have nightmares about elevators.
I’m dead set on never having a gay male friend again. They kind of creep me out now. All the gay acquaintances I’ve had or interactions I’ve had with them have been weird/sketchy to say the least.
I believe the US is the pure evil but I think life and people are evil so it is what it is.
I’m 22 and live with my mom.