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Confession time? Confession time.

As a child (until age 11) i was obsessed with fire to the point over 6 years i started 5 different mattresses on fire a couple Leaving life time scars on my father, also almost killed a brother by locking him in a burning closet.

Starting at around 8 i began harming animals, stepping on frogs led to burning them alive which led to cutting the legs off lizards and leaving them in the middle of a road to watch them be run over. That led to shooting birds in the wing only to tie them in plastic bags until they asphyxiate and cats thrown into water inside a pillow case with a weight tied to it while alive. That all ended at 16.

I know i was still bedwetting at 8 but I’m not sure what is considered “prolonged”.

Never been tested but Im almost certain if i was i would fall into the group of high functioning autists. I have very little patience with things going against a plan, i feel nearly 0 sympathy for people, numbers were always calming for me, went literally 5 years with no sex or desire for even a 1 night stand, when I’m upset with myself im a self hitter ( black eyes have happened) and i have never been good at Picking up on social ques like flirting.

I regularly contemplate the best ways to torture information out of people, along with the best way to get away with being a serial killer, how to keep from giving too much information, picking victims at random but doing enough research about the victim to not leave a trail. One day i may or may not have anything left to live for. Matter of time and chance. Perhaps ill die in a accident before i lose everything that keeps me from giving in to temptations.