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Brazilian Cop

I had a real experience to share maybe can help. Sorry my english, I speak portuguese but I will try not to use translators. Lets go.. One day I met a girl from my neighborhood, long time ago something like ten years, she came for party at my house and we became friends. She was really pretty nice body and blue-eyed blonde, rare type of girl in Brazil. In the following weeks, she invited me to watch a movie at my own house. Lol. I lived alone in that time and I thought it would be easy to fuck her.. You know.. but as I’m very gentle guy ( seriously, I grew up surrounded by women and I’m a very respectful in that sense) so I decided that I would have to go slowly with her. Then happened what I didnt expect: she denied my assaults, even the most subtle ones. I thought she would never look in my face again, but inexplicably she came back with the same idea of watching movies in my house. She did it in a period of 2 months at least once a week. So I start back trying to kiss ans seduce her but she kept saing no. well, one day she came and I did… After that I thought I would be arrested or something worse, but can you imagine what happened next? Yes, she came back to watch movies.