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When I was about 15, my first job was delivering the morning newspapers in the village that lived in.
And I did that job for about 3 years or so. During those 3 years there was this super nice fluffy red cat that I always gave some attention like a pet on the head, or it would rub its head against your leg. You know standard pleasant cat/human behavior.

Then during the last year, this cat just bit me in my hand, out of the blue. The next day, the cat was back to its normal self. Then a couple of weeks later it decided to scratch my hand open.
I wanted to kick the cat as retaliation, but it just got away from me. Later that week I quit my newspaper round job, and got a job at the local supermarket.
So I never got my re-match with that deranged red cat 🙁

wHEN I got to the age of 18, and I got my driver license. And at 19 years of age I got my first car a 1992 dark blue Toyota MR2. A fantastic car by the way.

Now during the winter of that year I discovered the dutch Houseparty scene, and the XTC and Speed that go along with that. And it was after I visited a party, that I was driving back into my hometown. It was lightly snowing and it was still pretty dark… must had been around 06:30. As I was still wide awake and still coming down from my xtc and speed bonanza, I was just driving trough my old newspaper delivery route. And in the distance I could see a familiar animal, sitting on its favourite manhole cover. It was that red biting & scratching cat with the schizophrenic disorder.

So I made up my mind right there at that moment, I was going to run over the cat with my car. So I increased my speed, and lined it up with the left front wheel. But as I was approaching, it quickly ran off and jumped up the sidewalk and sat its scruffy ass down and looked at me as I was passing it by.

Dangit I was pissed, and drove aimless around in my village for a while, and then decided to make another attack run on my furry nemesis. It was still sitting up high on the sidewalk, so again I had no chance to run it over. I then decided to abandon the whole idea. My mind wandered off a bit then… and I actually did not really pay any close attention to the road ahead.

When all of a sudden I felt a hard thump against the bottom of the car, and the back end ( rear wheel driven car) wobbled quite a bit, and I almost lost control due to the snow.I managed to keep the car from busting a wheel on the sidewalk, and stopped it right there after.

I looked in my rearview mirror, and there it was… that damned red cat!
As I drove by, it must have decided that it could cross the road, while running underneath my car.

Well that didnt turn out so well for it that day… the back half of its body crushed and unified with the road. And it was trying to drag itself away from the spot, but it wasnt going anywhere.

At first it scared the shit out of me, but then i realised that I and my car were okay, and I finally got my revenge, and it was still suffering there beeing stuck and mangled. I laughed out loud, and drove away.

And just as I was almost out of the street, I could still see its struggling in the rearview mirror…

I turned my car around, put the pedal to the metal and aligned the left front wheel up with its head. And i mercifully oblitterated it with my front and then the back wheel.

So thats one of my sins.