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Yeah like i said inwas focused around extracting slecific information from specific people due to a specific event. I was never worried about them getting out, they would be administered a barbituate/alcohol cocktail prior to me leaving. Speacial chairs would be built with restraints at wrist and elbow on arm rests elbow and armpit on chair below knee and above ankle and one single one around the neck. All bolted on, no hasps, no moving parts. They get placed in the chair unconcious and wake up completely unable to move. 3 inch bolts with double locknuts will keep me sleeping soundly at night even if i dont drug them.
I feel the same about child molesters and child abusers. Im ok with spanking and discipline but let me see someone knocking their kid around or get locked up with a child molester. I will throw away my entire life doing a 24 hour hold to kill a child molester and make sure he doesnt harm a kid. My life is meaningless anyways im just buying my time. They give those motherfuckers slaps on the fucking wrist, id gladly kill every last one of them free of charge.