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Yep,,, Those Dirty Jews, continue to corrupt the masses with their control of the Music and Movie Industry. If they can degrade, and ridicule other races, Catholics, and Christians mainly, then they have attained their goal, as they go full retard turning their audiences into perverted, mindless Porno Supporting Freaks. But The SHEEPLE are also to blame as their Fucked-Up Mother, and Cuck Father, support this garbage, by purchasing tickets and taking their 16 yr. old daughters to see this slut Miley Cyrus “”perform fellatio”” on some Blow-Up Doll, on stage for all youngins to see, and admire. You know what??? These so called Catholics/Christians deserve to be called Sluts, Whores, Pigs, and referred to as Cattle, as described in their Jew Book “THE TALMUD” To see a six year old Girl full of make-up, dressed like a little Slut in a Bikini, Twerking her little ass in competitions in their local School’s Gymnasium all over the U.S. makes me sick!!! We must wake-Up and destroy these Evil-Zionist-Bastards, and their twisted, perverted, Child Molesting ways. Or all our Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews,& Grandchildren will continue to be poisoned with filth, and with every generation continue to loose any self respect, and dignity, or what little bit of it they might still have. SAD SICK WORLD WE LIVE IN BOYS & GIRLS!!!