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Empty soul

I find that plain old reality often dictates our living arrangements more than personal sentiment because wages and the cost of living are driven by market forces and societal norms.

In Britain for example uncontrolled immigration has greatly reduced the availability of housing and as a result of the higher demand vs lower supply the value of housing has leapt through the roof and keeps going up and up which means that for most people the rent/mortgage costs can no longer be met with one persons wages alone.

Add to the above the ever increasing cost of living, draconian laws brought in to increase local government coffers via fines for insignificant and minor offences and mandatory insurance policies run by price gougers and you are left with a situation where you simply just cannot exist without a warm box sitting on your Johnson.

In China where men far out number women living with a woman tends to be a sign of prosperity, whereas in Britain it tends to be a sign of necessity born from poverty.

I would therefore love to be able to live the life of a playboy all by my lonesome but my pay packet sadly does not allow for it.

If you are a single, financially poor male in Britain chances are you will be still living at home with your parents or homeless.