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As somebody who has been working in the red light for more than 15 years (bars, strip clubs and brothels), let me tell you that from my experience fucking for money doesnt make people happy.
It can give you sexual release, true, but it doesnt solve the problem itself. That calculation of inviting a girl and not getting what you want in the end is contemptuous. You cant expect a girl to do whatever you want, or all the things you have ever seen in porn for paying her one or two dinners and buying her flowers. Maybe, just maybe you should ask her if she wants all that too and if not you will have to respect that. Its not something she owes you for the invitation.
There are bitches out there, no question. Arrogant little whores who think they deserve the world for having a pussy between their legs, but nobody is forced to take one of those out. The main problem is people knowledge, the customers of the clubs ive worked in were completely the same. They fell for the most beautiful but cold, arrogant and manipulative ones. Big tits, big ass, lots of make up and the brain was gone. We had really cool girls too, cute, funny and entertaining but they didnt make as much money.
Most of the customers over all the years were not only looking for sex but for love. Sounds weird or ridiculous in that environment, but they were trying to find a girlfriend there and desperatly wanted the girls to fall in love with them. Others were assholes, making the girls stretch for the money, feeling a little bit bigger than they were for a short moment, but they had one thing in common, all walked home alone.
Many of them cried on my shoulder before walking home, telling me how lonely they were after lots of beer.
Or the married ones, cheating on their wifes. Feeling they had the right to as the wife didnt want to fulfill all their partially disgusting sexual wishes.
I quit all that red light thing a year ago when i realized it had changed me. And it began to make me sick.
To make a long story short, most guys paying for sex are frustrated and lonely but the problem is homemade, as they have simply not the people knowledge to find a good girl. Or they are too ugly, stinking and annoying or too pervert to have a relationship.
And once they have fucked too many hookers there is hardly any way back into a real relationship, thats another thing.
Im probably gonna get stoned for saying that, but thats how it is.