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@thedre I hate the idea of ass stuff too, I find it unnatural and obviously disgusting and I even question the guys who want anal with girls if they are gay and why would they want to stick it in the dirtiest place but overall I have no quarrels with consenting adults doing ANYTHING, A person wants to be tortured and murdered then fine and if someone wants to be fucked up the ass so be it so long as its fully consensual and I don’t have to see it (another form of consent is watching I guess) I don’t care. Gays making out in public disturbs me as much as two straight people doing the same thing just because it is unclassy and slutty. Of coarse these are just my feelings on this plus I justify homosexuality by calling it an evolutionary defense against overpopulation but I also live in an age of gays so I have to be more tolerant of people, people are who they are and I can’t change that.