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You make a good point, but i dislike both equally. As a teenager i did look at the odd Lesbian porn, as all the guys would drink beer, smoke hash, and put some porn on. Fuck i hated this as it was boring as fuck, and this always made me feel uncomfortable, as most of the guys would stare at it, not talk, and i,m sure most had semi’s in their pants, so being in the same room with a bunch of quiet Male weirdo’s that looked like a Zombie version of my buddies, lol, made me feel very uneasy to say the least, especially being half in the bag in a living room with 6 or 7 Males “my buddies” acting like fucking Animals, all quiet and shit. So i would go outside and get some air, while i watched them sad cases, with their twisted Fuck Faces through the window, lol. And to be honest, the Lesbian porn was so fake, with their horrible cries, and moans, that it did nothing for me. So i do not agree with Gay porn whether Male on Male, or Female on Female period! I have enjoyed with past girlfriends, and my Wife the odd Heterosexual tasteful porn, after being together for awhile and becoming less shy about it. But we would pick it out together with none of this dirty Ass Plunging, and making her suck it afterwards,type of degrading shit,(no pun intended), lol, cause that is just disgusting, and would instantly turn us off. Like i have said before, call me old fashioned, or maybe in today’s society people would think that i,m the weird one for having sex with a Woman, and doing everything under the sun with her, but (no but fucking) and Arsehole Eating, Yuuuck man. How could anyone say that they love the smell, and taste of an anus, this is why i do not like gays, as this perverted dirty ass stuff is just fucked in my books.