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Every Gay Male that i have ever met in my entire life would always look at my crotch, or my friends crotch, and they always gave you that look like perverted sexual predators, like nothing else matters but their next asshole to fuck or blowjob to give. And it did not matter if he was 65 yrs. old they always acted the same with their predator crotch looking ways, like sex, sex, and sex is all that mattered with a 16 yr. old or a 70 yr. old it did not seem to matter. To me ,and the ones that i met in my life they were all perverted nymphos, and always think of sex. I would never trust a fagot with my 4 Boys, as i know that they would probably fondle them while they slept, and jerked-off while doing so. Sick fucking twisted perverts is what most of them, but NOT ALL are. A very small percentage can be discreet, and somewhat respectful towards others, and keep a steady relationship, and them, i can tolerate as long as they DO NOT FLAME around me.