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Just a side-note; having built my latest machines to VR+ standard, I’m looking to mod some full metal air soft weapons using VR control units when the prices drop/devices appear on eBay.

VR puts a whole new perspective on immersive gaming and I think the introduction of a ‘real’ hand-held weapon (weight, grip, trigger, reload etc.) will fit right in.

I have a mass of XBox 360 and XBox One titles that are waiting to be played (I’m just waiting for the right price on a XBox One and a PS4).

Battlefield 2142 sent me back to wired keyboards and mice, as well as HiFi audio as the response lag with wireless devices was detrimental to survival, and high end audio lets you hear people sneaking up on you.

‘I’m gettin’ better at sneaking up on you like this. Only an Indian can do something like this.’

Lone Watie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, 1976.