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Well I didn’t smoke weed until I was 16 and a college my grandparents brought me up and they wear totally middle-class old school and hated drugs. My grandfather was a DR at Southampton hospital was ex military and very hard on me. This new drug was sort of a release for me you get ur smoking buddy’s get wasted mix on decks and munch out and have a giggle. I was very lucky really I had it all popularity looks intelligence money. But I really started to get worse. Speed was my next drug them XTC these were very good give you a amazing buzz but after a few days of dropping pill after pill ur head is fried and comedowns are terrible. I had to move out of my grandparents after my nan past away and I was being a cunt and stealing my sister’s stuff for speed and E,s. I moved into a homeless hostel, These are basically huge drug houses full of addicts not a good place for a posh boy like myself.So I had to change and become involved in gang activity the gang I was in was one of the most feared the in the city.Drugs were a big part selling them and taking them.Crack cocaine, Heroin,weed,XTC,speed, Ketamin we sold it and binged on them.ime not going onto what they fill like but if you take to many you either mentally crack or become a hard addict. Crack can make people incredibly violent I used to enjoy all that shit, Ime ashamed of the way I was then did alot of bad stuff yeah made alot of money but it all went back on drugs I was a addict for many years done alot of prison time. I could probably write forever about my drug experiences,I managed escape that cycle in life and become clean. I work with addicts on a daily basis now I just know that when it comes down to drugs it all depends on the person some underlying factors in there personally.Some are normal and use recreationally. But others use to block out hurt they have experienced in life these people are will develop addiction problems. I really have nothing against weed I once did magic mushrooms a had a amazing trip up into the stars and across the universe they have to be my fave. I Just vape now I think of my own health and want to see my children grow up and have the a drink every month or so but I can honestly say being drug free I’ve never felt better and it’s my family that gives me my high nowadays love is the strongest drug