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GDPR Harvester

“The Wise Man Seeks NOT Pleasure, but Freedom From Care and Pain.” Aristotle
I don’t think one needs to be wise to follow his advice. I would go with:”Pain is such an uncomfortable feeling that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin every enjoyment.” Will Rogers

I’m no specialist, but some people do like to feel pain. I guess is not as bad as desire to eat coins or drink ink, but it is still very alien to me. I wish your question involved the word “safely”. Whipping is OK, the others are not! Don’t fucking cut or burn yourself EVER! you’re inviting an infection. Legos sound great, but I guess you can site in a fire ants nest if you really feel the urges. And pay attention to what you put in your arse. My main concerns are: Do not harm or cause pain to anyone or any living thing, and do not harm yourself. There is help available in most places. Be Wise!