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I will kill a beautiful woman and finish it into a work of art with its corpse.
My concept is “A beautiful woman becomes a more beautiful death doll by changing into a corpse.”
A funnel was inserted into the throat of a woman who died suffocating, and the water of the river was poured.
A corpse woman swallowed dirty water into the body without resistance.
A woman who does not know sex will become corpse and be insulted.

I tried leaving a 17 – year – old girl ‘s high school student outside the temperature below minus 20 degrees.
When the morning became bright, the girl was frozen to death.
A young fresh body looks soft, but it was frozen hard like ice.
Even if you touch hard and cold breasts, you can not close both arms fixed like ice.

The face of the deceased girl was beautiful, so I decided to break it up. I pierce the sharp scissors into the face of the girl. A corpse of a girl who accepts a cutlery without resistance. The face of a dead body girl who became like a worn-out cloth is beautiful even if it is destroyed.