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Holy shit @Bella, you have been through some rough times while growing-up Girl. And the choices that YOU have made for the betterment of yourself, you should be extremely proud of, as you are one out of a very small percentage of abused children that are strong enough to rise above it all, and say Fuck-It, to their troubled past, and screwed-up Parents. As many decide instead to wallow in their sorrow, and self pity, while taking drugs, or drinking their pain, and their entire life away while doing it. But what you have done instead, is to show that Bastards, and that Miserable Bitch of a Wife of his, (your Stepmother),just how much of a strong, independent, and confident young Woman that you ended-up being. And trust me,,, that is punishment enough for them to see how good you turned-out despite that Bitches multiple, and cruel attempts to keep you down, and by trying to make your life as miserable, or worse than her own pitiful existence. It,s not too often that you hear success stories as yours Girl, and what you have accomplished against incredible odds is incredibly rare, and humbling, to say the least! As most kids that grow up in a similar situation, and raised in a dysfunctional Family, usually end up like their Drug Addict, or prostitute Mom themselves. spending their entire lives in, and out, of hospitals, treatment centers, and jails, and after awhile, they become so institutionalized, that even the thought of a possible life on the outside, scares the shit out of them. I am really happy, that i got to know you that much more today @Bella, cause for some strange reason, i knew in the first couple times reading your comments, what you were all about, and that i was speaking with a truly sincere, and Non-Bullshit individual. I remember, but not so long ago, the time when i gave you all my honest, sincere, and True compliments, lol, you were shocked me thinks, of how much i knew of your true self, and how good of a person you truly were, lol.
I love you my B-G Sister, as you are truly an inspiration to many out there who might be reading all of what you have gone through, yet came out of it a stronger, and better you! 🙂