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Lamenting Inertia

Nataksa…youre very shallow…everything you say is about money and vain qualities as if you were a movie star…i dont doubt your success but i also dont buy it either…because one wouldnt put so much time into a blog to legitamize themselves for others if they were as successful as you claim to be…also with your attitude you can expect that any self respecting man will treat you like a POS just to prove a point of ur insignificance to him… Real men dont want a competitor in a relationship but a loyal partner to stand by him to take on the other competitors…You might bounce and boss around Beta males…and maybe thats quite ok with you if youre in the habit of using men…None of these things are a problem…the real problem is…you arent a man and never will be a man…and this will always be a mans world…not to be cruel but its just the truth…you know it…i know it…people like to cloud that fact but it is a fact…theres great things about being a woman and woman roles if you accept that role and quit trying to take on the mans role because you never will be one…i was born a man…im lucky…im happy to be a man…but youre a woman and as much as you would like women to have dominance over men it wont happen…so quit fighting yourself…quit trying to paint this picture of yourself as this successful athletic total package with a tit job…even if its true the problem is that its all superficial…because if you lost all that fluff and feathers then who would you be??? How would you come back?? You could no longer brag about those things you dont have…and you can call me whatever you want cuz i really dont give 2 shits…but what i want you to really take to heart is…ITS A MANS FUCKIN WORLD AND FUCK FEMINISTS!!! 😀👍