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I guess I should approach the main subject. I will post no links, I’m a man, you can trust me. 🙂 🙂 😀
Trying to measure human intelligence, researchers (male conspiracy) came up with a number of tests (somewhat disputed) that heavily rely on visual perception. Natural Lego boys is what they were looking for. Women often unperformed over boys and exceptional kids were always male. The criticism to the test is, by playing and practicing with Lego an ordinary kid could get very high scores. Personally, I find impossible to measure intelligence, but the catch is “girls don’t play Lego” 😮 😮 😮 🙁
More recently, feminist cunts came up with another test called EQ (Emotional intelligence) that suppose to measure a ‘different type of intelligence’. Cunning! My first reaction was to refuse a test that involved George Clooney on it, but it seems to make sense, they do measure cunning and girls seems to outperform boys. HR cunts (are they all female?) new trend (past 10 years) is to use EQ instead IQ questions in their questionnaire to fill in their positions. Especially managerial positions. 🙂 🙁 😀
IQ numbers should be relevant when choosing a career, and great scores should’t be disregarded. It means you have a predisposition for MALE field of work. Big IQ scores doesn’t mean your cool. These can be all kind of people but their lack of common sense is what makes them brilliant. They may see things like a “Masterbuilders”, wile women who read horoscopes are taking over workplace. Are women better managers? Do we need more women engineers? 😮 😮
I’m a highly unsuccessful Lego boy. My recipe for popular success is ambition, greed and cunning, but I haven’t got there yet to confirm that.:x 😡 😡