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Nice to meet you @masterplan
Its a good question – i wonder if there IS anywhere that men wearing skirts is actually illegal?
With regards to your “enjoying the breeze” sentence… the only time that i have worn anything like a skirt, is when a friend of mine married his wife. She is scottish, and although my friend (and i) are English, AND the wedding was held in England…. the weddings dress code for the men (in order to honour the heritage of the bride and her family, as well as for fun) was that the men wore kilts, a sporran, traditional “kilt socks” with tartan trim, and traditional highland boots.
AND, you know what @masterplan ? To my shock, i REALLY enjoyed the experience! LOVED the look, and found the kilt an extremely comfortable piece of clothing! And the sporran (it was a “dress” sporran, leather with no hair or fur) provided a VERY convenient pouch for holding my wallet and other personal bits and bobs thoughout the day.
It was obvious (by their body language, posture etc) that some of the men felt very uncomfortable….but not me! In fact – to be honest with you, i am not a guy who “photographs well”, im not particularly confident regarding my looks… yet the pictures from that day are some of the few (ever) that i really like of myself, and am proud of.
Who would have thought it? least of all me, believe me!
But NO – i DIDNT have the guts to go FULLY traditional (ie. by wearing no underwear beneath the kilt). The only guys there that day who DID go “fully” traditional in this way, were the brides father, her brother, and her grandfather. I consider them brave men, as it was VERY windy outside the church where most of the photos and video were taken!