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GDPR Harvester

I get it, you like inflicting pain to other, and on yourself too.
Casual things, like cuts, burns etc. are always a good way to go.
But, sometimes that doesent cut it (no pun intended), and once you realize that these kinds of injuries are boring af you get the need for something more.
But hold on! Whats worse than direct injury? Mental injury!
Isn’t it waaaay better, when lets say you get to injure someone you hate, or even better, when someone who hates you get to injure you.
Now im not saying you should go out there and fucking kill everyone that gets in your way! No, thats wrong!
However if one such as yourself wants to achieve a new level of feeling pain, the best thing to do is to get someone who hates you (ask them, if that doesent work manipulate the situation into them inuring you)
Im telling you, there isn’t a better thing in life than to have someone who utterly despises you inflicting a cut or two to you. The hate and joy you see in their eyes, all the purest emotions coming together into a crescendo of deep and powerful wounds. Tho be warned, once you get hooked to this kind of thing, its hard to get off it.
So yeah, get someone who hates you, who wants nothing more than to see the end of your existence to cause pain to you. Hope it helped!