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The idea of an European union of states is good. Look at how Europe was before the world wars, the most advanced nations, technologically and militarily, on earth, with lots of colonies, and look at what happened after the wars, with the loss of most of those colonies, destruction of cities with great cultural heritage, the deaths of many good young people and loss of world power leverage to The US. You can look at how the EU project, starting with the sharing of resources in the Coal and Steel Community has kept peace in Europe through the last decades. Nevertheless, one can see that the EU project is not being totally successful, the disapproval of people exemplified by Brexit is a reflection of it. This is because many behind the EU project don’t have noble intentions, nominally the Jews. Hence, their intention is not to make Europe better for Europeans, but to further the interests of their own tribe, which is an attitude that stands in contradiction with the stated values of the EU. This lack of noble values puts the EU project in jeopardy, and results in dissatisfaction for many. We can strecht this train of thought from Europe to the rest of the world, which evolves towards globalization based on what happened in Europe, with the creation of regional economic unions. When you see that the ones behind these projects have a “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” mentality, and the antithesis between how they act among themselves and what they preach to others, you see that what happens is that they are just trying to take us over.