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Yeah those are kind of a fucked up way to go about it in my opinion. Though they are just insects and im not sure they register pain and suffering like we do, I share your sympathy for them as they are still living creatures and im a big softy when it comes to anything living thats not human. And being stuck, trapped and waiting to die is no way for any living thing to go. If I absolutely HAD to kill them id probably get a bug zapper lantern type thing to hang on the porch or maybe one of those ones designed like a tennis racket, id get a few if need be. At least the instant they touch it they would surely be dead from the amount of juice those put out, seems to be much more humane than just being stuck waiting to die. But personally id probably just grab some citronella candles or something of that equivalent for flys to put around the porch to ward them off instead of killing them, if they dont absolutely need to die id rather not kill them at all. Surely theres got to be a better way than the paper. Just my two cents on that.