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Exactly, thats all it is…a reason for you to go spend all your money and go broke again between every other dumb holiday like thanksgiving, xmas, valentines… and make the rich richer and keep you on the rat wheel living paycheck to paycheck. Yes, we have the propensity to consume in America; why not use that extra income and money to buy something that can actually yield something back. Also, quit getting involved in brand new cars with 8% interests and 30 yr mortgages and waste years of you life paying interest. The average american making 50k a year and buys 125k house over 30 years has about 3 years of their life dedicated to paying interest alone. That means for 3 years of your life you are working for free just to pay the rich bankers the interest (free money to them)…now just think about brand new cars and full coverage insurance in tge mix as well…if youre going to blow that money might as well go spend it on memories and vacation. Because after a while the new car and new house smell and excitement fade. Im not saying dont buy a new house or car, im saying make sure you got alot of cushion in the bank and can afford it and still keep putting money away. Just a little advice, but thats just how i think. Some people do it a little different. Sorry i went on a tirade haha